BEAST @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio
BEAST-Bad Girl Live
No Ki Kwang. He was probably shooting High Kick. LOL @ Hyun Seung’s dance break xD

GaYoon & Jun Hyung-Heart Damage
Loved the song when Jay rapped for Navi. A really good cover. Jun Hyung has such a nice voice when he raps/sings x)

Yoseob fancam @ KTR
Lol Idk why is hair looks like that but he’s always cute as usual!

Cute Yoseob with Dog
Haha cutest thing ever!!

BEAST is the B2ST Behind the Scenes
Loved the beginning with them practicing “Good man”. Their voices are so awesome! And OMG I totally laughed out loud when Hyun Seung hit Jun Hyung during their rehearsal! It looked like it hurt! the boys are cute & funny as usual!


2PM-Heartbeat MV released

2PM-Heartbeat MV

OMG! What has JYP done to these 6 boys?! T_T
A lot of people actually like this MV but for me, it’s so disappointing. The dance & the whole concept is just not 2PM. There was something missing (besides Jay)
-The chest pump reminds me of Suju’s “It’s You”
-The pony tails! WTF!!
-Taec’s screaming face in the beginning of the MV is so emotional
-LOL someone said it was like “Thriller’ gone wrong & I kinda agree xD
-Where was the acrobatics that made 2PM, “2PM”?? Only saw that like at the end of the MV.
-I seriously felt so weird watching this MV. The “Zombie” dance is so “0_0”
-The boys looked HOT though
-*sighs No Jay
-The song isn’t as good as “Tired of waiting” or “I was crazy for you” in my opinion.
It’s going to be depressing seeing only 6 on stage this thursday *sighs

SNSD’s First Solo Concert

Good news guys – SNSD will be putting on their first ever solo concert!

They will begin their Asia tour on December 19th and 20th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and will make fanboys go wild, guaranteed.

Obviously they will put on their already well known performances of their hit songs, but they will also show sides of them that were never before seen.

The Asia tour begins in Seoul, but the girls will also hit up Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

With the announcement of their very first Asia tour solo concert, SNSD stated:

“We are so happy and excited to perform for our fans through our very first solo concert. We will practice hard and try our very best to put on a memorable and charismatic performance.”

FINALLY!! Our girls are going to get their own concert!! There were little hints & rumors about the concert but now it has been confirmed! I’m so excited even though I won’t be anywhere near where they’re going to perform! I know a lot of fans are hoping for a DVD & I’m one of them too keke
Anyways, would just like to say that these 9 hard working girls deserve it & I know that their concert will be HUGE!! Congrats girls! I’m so proud to be a Sone right now! =)

Taeyeon fancams
I LOVE tangpa fancams! They’re always so clear!! Had to post these cause Taengoo looked GORGEOUS!!


Chocolate Love

SNSD fancam of Gee & Chocolate Love

Genie mistake
ROFL so apparently the people who were in charge of the music put on the remixed version of Genie instead of just the original. The girls looked confused but like the pros they are, Hyoyeon & Yuri started to dance to the remix version. Poor Fany had to say “DJ put it back on” twice! LOL So cute how the girls just laughed it off!

BONUS: Something I’m REALLY excited about! There’s been fanaccounts & pictures of some of the SNSD & Super Junior members shooting a Seoul CF. They shot a CF to promote Seoul a couple of months ago along with DBSK. Well seems like they’ll be shooting this CF together!! Here’s a fancam! You can hear the S.E.O.U.L song clearly in the background. I really hope they release that song! I really like it! xD
In the fancam I can only spot Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sunny, Jessica, Yesung, Eunhyuk & Shindong. But according to fan accounts, Leeteuk was shooting the CF too =)

So Jessica was recently on Champagne promoting her musical “Legally Blonde”. Here’s some video cuts!
Jessica cut

Jessica & SS501 Young Saeng dancing “Gee”
LOL The Taeyeon/SNSD fanboy x)

SS501 Hyun Joong Ideal World Cup Taeyeon Cut
Just needed to add this b/c of my Taeyeon bias! He picked Taeyeon over Yoona & Kim Yuna but then chose Boa over Taengoo xD

Taeyeon-Stupid Like Me @ Kim Bum Soo’s Dreamy Radio
So she went to Dreamy radio right after Chin chin was over. She sounded great as usual! =)

Taeyeon-Something Like That originally by Hwayboi @ Chin Chin
I was actually listening to Chin Chin live when she started singing xD I was totally spazzing since the little performance wasn’t planned keke I wished she had sang a bit longer!! Her voice is just so amazing!!

BEAST @ Dreamy Radio with MBLAQ & Secret


BEAST @ Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio


Music Bank & Inkigayo

Haven’t been posting here lately. Been occupied with youtube xD
So let’s catch up on some recent things!

Shinee ft. Yesung-Ring Ding Dong
Jonghyun had Swine flu so Yesung was standing in for him. I think Yesung did a great job since it was a last minute thing. Yesung does have a deeper voice compared to Jonghyun which gave the song a different feel x)

BEAST-Bad Girl
Highlight of the performance: Yoseob booty bump DooJoon! LOL

Shinee win
Shinee fans didn’t think the boys could win this week but they did! xD
They boys with “Jonghyun saranghae!” keke

Shinee ft. Leeteuk-Ring Ding Dong
After Jonghyun got better, Onew caught Swine flu! So Leeteuk filled in for him. Teukie did a great job! His voice is so underrated x) Jonghyun still looked & sounded sick. Hopefully him & Onew get some rest & get better!

Digital Music Chart-YoSeob & DongWoon

Shinee Win + Encore
Keke They won again! The song is too good to not be winning awards!! I was totally spazzing over Shinee, f(x) & Teukie dancing RDD! Some SM Lovin!! And Jonghyun with” Onew hyung, are you watching” with that cute smirk on his face!! xD