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2PM-“Waiting for you wears me out” teaser
The song is very different from what they’ve done in the past but I really like it!

Lyrics according to 2OD (translated by G-race.):
You’ll get tired while waiting,
Do you know how i feel?
You’ll get tired waiting
Do you still remember me

기다리다가 지친다
you know(know) 넌 내마 많이 oh
기다리다가 도 지친다
너는 아직도 나 기억하니 oh no

OMG! I haven’t been keeping up with these boys lately. Even though they are having their comeback soon, there’s still the question of if Jaebum will be returning. I guess we’ll have to wait & find out. 2PM will be having their comeback on November 13th on KBS Music Bank!
Note: This is not confirmed as the title song. Just a track off the album.


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