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SNSD & Cyworld awards

Okay, So I just read this blog about the Cyworld awards and it says that SNSD claim to have won for the song of the month of August 2007 & Feb. 2009 but that Big Bang has also said to have won for “Lies” in August 2007  while SS501 won for Feb. 2009. Now, there is no concrete articles to state who actually won for that month of August 2007. And when I read the comments posted on that blog, it got me a little mad. The commentors said that SNSD fans must crazy if they think ITNW could beat Big bang’s “Lies” & that SNSD fans must be delusional if they think SNSD has won 3 cyworld awards. Also, another person said that SNSD didn’t even start winning awards until “Kissing you”. As a SNSD fan & Kpop fan, I’ll give you the facts and I won’t make assumptions unlike those commentors who I just mentioned.

It’s stated on Wiki & Soshified that the girls won song of the month for the month of August 2007. The next cyworld they won was when Taeyeon won for her solo OST in Feb. 2008 which I think the person of the blog might of thought that it was Feb. 2009 instead. After that, SNSD won for “Gee” in Jan. 2009. That’s all of the cyworld awards that SNSD have won and I’m not being a delusional SNSD fan here, just stating facts.

Now as to the comment about SNSD not winning until “Kissing you” which is obviously false. SNSD won their first award for ITNW on Mnet countdown. They also won 3 awards after that for “Girl’s Generation.” Here’s the actual video of their first win on Mnet Countdown.

Now ITNW & Girl’s Generation may not have been as popular as Big Bang & WG’s songs but they were pretty good since the girls won awards for them.

I would just like to state that as a reader I try to be unbias but sometimes it’s kinda hard when people say bad things about SNSD or Sones. Now this post was me giving the facts because apparently some people just assume & believe what others say & they don’t take the time to actually do the research. Anyways just had to get that off my chest x)


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