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I was too busy spazzing about the Dream Concert that I didn’t have time to post about it but now I will! Many fans complained how this year’s DC was so boring cause DBSK & SS501 wasn’t there and Kangin was missing & Jay wasn’t with 2PM, but as a SONE, I’d have to say DC was a dream come true. After all that had happened last year for our girls, they came back to the same stage and proved that they are a top idol group. They performed “Tell me your wish” & “Gee”. From fancams & fanaccounts..it’s nice to hear that other fans besides Sones were there singing along & cheering for the girls. And the interview was probably the most touching part of DC. Here’s the clip subbed by Soshi subs.

I’d have to say the highlight of the night was SM Town’s performance of “Let’s go on a trip”. Being a SM fan, I loved it! The SNSD girls looked like they had a blast and it was great to see the SM family together since they had cancelled the Sm town concert that was supposed to be held in August.Yeah I know DBSK & others were missing and it felt different not having them all there, but it was still a great performance. IDK why but their cheesy dance they did for the performance put such a huge smile on my face xD

credit- protonic9

Plus, if you’re a Super Generation supporter, DC was total spazz worthy! The Eunhyuk-Hyoyeon-Shindong popping on the stairs during the Sm town performance to Siwon giving his jacket to Seohyun & Sulli at the ending of the concert b/c of the crazy fireworks to Heechul & Sungmin giving their jackets to Taeyeon.

Here’s some gifs I made cause these moments were too cute!! x) (Taeyeon biased of course)

Can I say that I’m totally loving the Taeyeon-Yesung & Taeyeon-Siwon pairings keke xD

Bonus: I’m waiting for the Chocolate Love MV to come out..which should be soon. And I’d have to say, Taeyeon looked gorgeous! Especially in this picture with the white dress!! *spazzes


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