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BEAST @ Dreamy Radio with MBLAQ & Secret


BEAST @ Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio



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The boys are on radio shows all week! I hope they don’t get tired out >.<
Anyways..these boys are so talented. Their lives always amaze me!! x)

Kim Bum Soo’s Dreamy Radio BEAST-붙잡고도
OMG *faints I wish they can sing more songs like this! Plus they need to let DooJoon sing a solo or something next time!! Leader can SING!!! xD

YoSeob-Cracks of my broken heart
What can I say? He’s just so talented. It was AMAZING!

PKL Starry Night Radio BEAST Special skills clip
Rofl First it was MBLAQ, now it’s BEAST’s turn to show what they’ve got! I’m not sure what they were doing but it was HELLA FUNNY!!

Also, BEAST will be on Chin Chin Saturday, Korean time. Finally! The bad thing is that it’s not Bora. They changed Bora to Friday so looks like we’ll only be hearing audio from their appearance. I really wanted to see them interact with Taeyeon!! >.<

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