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Okay, I must admit that I don’t know their names yet so I still have to keep looking them up! Lol but I’ll try to learn…hopefully! Anyways they’ve recently been visiting MBC’s Starry night and here’s two recent live performances.

My Dream-I really like this song! It’s very different from their debut song and this really shows the singing abilities of the singers in the groups!!

This Love by Marron 5 Cover-Gotta say, G.O’s voice is amazing! And Seung Ho playing the piano was cute! And I don’t know why but listening to Thunder rap was so awkward for me. Don’t hate me MBLAQ fans xD



Strong Heart episode 3 cuts with subs


Sooyoung’s cut on Strong heart. She barely got to speak & most of the time they just talked about Yoona. I really like Yoona but they should of at least talked to Sooyoung. She’s hilarious when it comes to variety shows but her appearance was so short here. I really hope this doesn’t happen to the other girls when they’re on the show. Plus, Yoona & Tiffany are in the next upcoming episode of the show!


Bracademy Vs. Boomacademy. This clip is freakin hilarious! Jo Kwon & Brian going up against each other! And you gotta love Jo Kwon! His wild dancing and engrish is always entertaining! Then there’s the infamous Boomacademy! Lol they seriously always cracked me up when they were on star king and looks like they brought it over to Strong heart! You gotta watch it cause it’ll make you laugh so hard!!


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