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f(x) realeases Chu~

Note: I hate what they’re wearing in this picture! The clothes & hairstyles gotta go!! -_-

To be honest, the song is okay. A lot of people said that La Cha Ta was so plain & they didn’t like it but I think I prefer La Cha Ta over this song. Maybe I’ll like it after the MV is released or when they start their promotions.

-Beginning kinda sounds like La Cha Ta
-Is it just me or can you hear Kyrstal’s voice like everywhere in this song?
-There was autotune. Seriously, when SNSD comes out with their 2nd album, SM better not of given them an autotune song as their title song >.<
-I LOLed when people said that there's no African drum or the euro beat in the song cause that's what a lot of people were expecting. I could say the same thing. The song is more electronic then what they had stated before the release of the song.
Overall some people will like it, some won't. It just depends on what kind of music you like x)


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We bring you yet more unfortunate news: artistes of SM Entertainment will not be taking part in the 2009 MAMA.

SME announced on November 3rd that their artistes including Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and f(x) will not be attending MAMA. The reason given was that MAMA will be using a process similar to how MNET’s music program M! Countdown selects its winners, and SME does not trust the method nor believe that it is fair.

This latest statement comes as SME does not trust in M! Countdown because of what happened with SNSD’s massive hit Gee. While the song topped charts of other television networks for 9 weeks in a row, it failed to reach number one in M! Countdown even once. It only made the top 10, one whole month after the song’s release date.

SME thus feel that MNET’s method of deciding on their winners cannot be trusted.

Also, there is a MAMA-related popularity poll happening on Mnet’s website at the moment. The catch is that you must be registered as a paid member of the website in order to cast a vote. SME feels that fans of SME’s artistes should not be spending too much money just to cast votes for their favourite artistes and has hence asked MNET to withdraw SME’s artistes from the categories for which they are nominated in MAMA.

We have previously reported that a couple of trot singers were boycotting MAMA. Will MNET be able to pull this event off successfully without participation by some of the biggest names in the industry? Stay tuned to allkpop as MAMA draws near.

So after two trot singers had boycotted the MAMAs, SM is next! Was kinda surprised yet at the same time not really. Us SM fans knew about that whole SM-Mnet feud & that there was very little chance of none of the SM artists winning at the MAMAs but still..I had hope which totally FAILED me this time >.< Like many other SM fans who had been voting everyday for their artists to make them lead in the polls that they were nominated in, it made me disappointed. Wished SM would've announced this sooner. Anyways, SM made a pretty good decision this time. I mean, having to pay to vote?! REAL award shows would NEVER make you pay to vote. Also, looks like the process that Mnet will be using to determine the awards is similar to M Countdown & if you've seen in the past, it doesn't favor SM artists very well. For example, Gee that won 9 straight on Music Bank never won once on M Countdown. Plus "TMYW" was up against "I hate you" & lost by a couple of points?! They even used SNSD's name on their website when clearly SNSD was never even going to perform on the show. The MAMAs is just a bigger scale version of the Mnet 20's choice awards if you asked me. There has always been controversies surrounding MFMK every year & changing the name of the show won't make it go away. Like a lot of people said, it's more of a popularity contest & the awards don’t have that much credibility. Anyways, just like the Mnet 20's choice awards, looks like I'm not going to be watching this one either! I will be looking forward to the GDAs where LEGIT awards are given!

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Okay I’m loving the SMent youtube account cause they’re actually uploading videos on it now!
They recently posted up a video of SM artists celebrating SJM Henry’s birthday! Apparently this was uploaded on the 15th of October but seems like everybody is only seeing it today including me! Lol
-You can clearly spot Leeteuk, Jonghyun(standing beside Teuk), Henry, Siwon & Donghae in the clip.
-I think the two standing in the back are Zhoumi & Minho?!
-Of course, they sang “Tell me your wish” instead of “Happy Birthday” or else it would’ve been BORING!
-You can totally hear Eunhyuk’s “Genie for your wish” in the BG haha
-You can see Siwon taking a piece of chocolate off the cake & eating it! Rofl Cutie!
-I’m sure you can hear Hyoyeon’s voice counting before they smashed the cake in Henry’s face xD
-Poor Henry! Now he knows how Yunho felt at the Sm town concert in Bangkok Lol
-You can hear girls laughing in the BG. I think that’s the SNSD girls cause I know I heard Sica’s high pitch screech somewhere towards the end of the clip! xD


Plus, this video was a while ago but I never posted it so might as well do it now! keke It was a clip of some of the SM artists backstage at the dream concert.
-Jung sisters in the beginning of the clip!
-Jonghyun on the Hello Kitty laptop Rofl
-You can see Kara’s Gyrui & f(x)’s Luna in the back talking =)
-Key & Amber get into a very entertaining english conversation
-Taemin laughed when Amber said that Key looked like a mouse xD


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