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2PM-Heartbeat MV released

2PM-Heartbeat MV

OMG! What has JYP done to these 6 boys?! T_T
A lot of people actually like this MV but for me, it’s so disappointing. The dance & the whole concept is just not 2PM. There was something missing (besides Jay)
-The chest pump reminds me of Suju’s “It’s You”
-The pony tails! WTF!!
-Taec’s screaming face in the beginning of the MV is so emotional
-LOL someone said it was like “Thriller’ gone wrong & I kinda agree xD
-Where was the acrobatics that made 2PM, “2PM”?? Only saw that like at the end of the MV.
-I seriously felt so weird watching this MV. The “Zombie” dance is so “0_0”
-The boys looked HOT though
-*sighs No Jay
-The song isn’t as good as “Tired of waiting” or “I was crazy for you” in my opinion.
It’s going to be depressing seeing only 6 on stage this thursday *sighs


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