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So Jessica was recently on Champagne promoting her musical “Legally Blonde”. Here’s some video cuts!
Jessica cut

Jessica & SS501 Young Saeng dancing “Gee”
LOL The Taeyeon/SNSD fanboy x)

SS501 Hyun Joong Ideal World Cup Taeyeon Cut
Just needed to add this b/c of my Taeyeon bias! He picked Taeyeon over Yoona & Kim Yuna but then chose Boa over Taengoo xD

Taeyeon-Stupid Like Me @ Kim Bum Soo’s Dreamy Radio
So she went to Dreamy radio right after Chin chin was over. She sounded great as usual! =)

Taeyeon-Something Like That originally by Hwayboi @ Chin Chin
I was actually listening to Chin Chin live when she started singing xD I was totally spazzing since the little performance wasn’t planned keke I wished she had sang a bit longer!! Her voice is just so amazing!!


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