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Chin chin update!! Taeyeon hugging K.Will is totally cute! If you didn’t know, K.Will was diagnosed with Swine flu and so he couldn’t be at chin chin the past couple of weeks. Well he’s all better now and back at chin chin!! Yay!! And the Halloween headband is just too cute x)


Another thing I thought was totally sweet & cute!!

So K.will and Ilac do a corner w/ Taengoo and as we all know K.will was sick.
So the day that K.will missed due to being sick Taeyeon was feeling sick as well then a few days later K.will was diagnosied with H1N1. After hearing this Ilac panicked and started calling and texting Taeyeon to see if she was alright and he said that “I don’t care about my health, I only care about Taeyeon’s health”

Chin chin UPDATE!
Taken from MBLAQ’s schedule on soompi
10.28 // 8pm: ChinChin on MBC Radio
Looks like MBLAQ will be the guests on the “Who are you?” corner this Wednesday!! Keke I can’t wait to see this! Now we just gotta get BEAST on the show!! hehe x)

Shinee was recently on Star golden bell and here are some cuts with english subs! Rofl Key and the whole nose picking thing!! And Onew really does look like Chicken little with those glasses on! xD
Plus, Onew won!! SM artists are so smart! I know that Sooyoung, Taeyeon & Sunny have won already and Siwon did get a chance to challenge the golden bell once!! =)
Shinee cuts on SGB with english subs


Okay, I just started watching the drama “You’re beautiful” and now I’m addicted! And apparently Geun suk, the male lead has many ties to SNSD!! He was in “Hong Gil Dong” & “Beethoven Virus” which the SNSD girls sang OSTs for plus he’s really close friends with Tiffany & Jessica!! Watch the clip of Geun Suk calling Fany during the BTS of the Genie parody!
Geun suk calling Fany w/english subs



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