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Haven’t been posting here lately. Been occupied with youtube xD
So let’s catch up on some recent things!

Shinee ft. Yesung-Ring Ding Dong
Jonghyun had Swine flu so Yesung was standing in for him. I think Yesung did a great job since it was a last minute thing. Yesung does have a deeper voice compared to Jonghyun which gave the song a different feel x)

BEAST-Bad Girl
Highlight of the performance: Yoseob booty bump DooJoon! LOL

Shinee win
Shinee fans didn’t think the boys could win this week but they did! xD
They boys with “Jonghyun saranghae!” keke

Shinee ft. Leeteuk-Ring Ding Dong
After Jonghyun got better, Onew caught Swine flu! So Leeteuk filled in for him. Teukie did a great job! His voice is so underrated x) Jonghyun still looked & sounded sick. Hopefully him & Onew get some rest & get better!

Digital Music Chart-YoSeob & DongWoon

Shinee Win + Encore
Keke They won again! The song is too good to not be winning awards!! I was totally spazzing over Shinee, f(x) & Teukie dancing RDD! Some SM Lovin!! And Jonghyun with” Onew hyung, are you watching” with that cute smirk on his face!! xD


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