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Wanted to post about this earlier but got distracted when 2PM’s song was released so forgive me xD
Anyways, I’m sure MBLAQ fangirls will be drooling & spazzing when they see these pictures!
Gotta say that the boys look GOOD in these BTS photos. Mir looks super cute covering his stomach & Joon looks so damn HOT!! Can’t wait until the official photos are released!! =)

credits to Linh @ absolutemblaq


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BEAST/B2ST-Again & Again by 2PM
-The suits don’t match the performance even though those outfits are WAY better then their “Bad Girl” outfits.
-I liked Doo Joon in this performance! He rapped rather then just singing the chorus! Plus his hair was looks better x)
-Yo Seob’s hair xD
-I think they lipsynched but the performance was still really good even though it’ll never beat the original version. Makes me miss 2PM!
MBLAQ-Bad Guy by Rain(Bi)
-Poor Mir didn’t even get a solo shot! And his mic sucked! Couldn’t even hear the damn boy sing! =(
-Was so weird to hear thunder sing 0_0
-OMG Seung Ho dancing was freakin HOT! My eyes kept drawing back to him xD
-Mnet always has such crappy mics & sound system -_- Other then that the performance was pretty good!

Doo Joon! They didn’t even film him when he was singing his part! But he has such a nice voice! Overall the song was pretty good even with the engrish. I loved how the MBLAQ boys were sitting there & watching them sing Keke

BEAST/B2ST(Yo Seob)-Baby Baby
He has such a GOOD voice!! Loving this boy x)

MBLAQ(Joon, G.O & Seung Ho)-Proposal @ Super Junior’s KTR
I really like this song! They did a really great cover of it! Seung Ho ❤

MBLAQ-Teletubbies cut
LMAO OMG xD *dies

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Yay for the official pictures xD
(I don’t know why but Mir in the hoodie reminds me of Hongki! Keke both are cuties xD)


[091028] Taeyeon’s chin chin cut with subs

Taeyeon talked a little about the Wonder girls! Yay for Wonder Generation!!
And when she talked about how long she can hang on the bar..OMG totally cracked me up! Lol
Plus, The MBLAQ boys teasing Mir about his Ideal girl-Taeyeon. Haha poor Maknae!

MBLAQ selfcam @ PKL Starry night

LOL apparently they were showing off their special talents? xD
The boys are too funny! Especially G.O!!
Joon-teletubbies & oh yeah cheap version
Mir-imitated joon’s “you shouldnt do that” then did the Jeonra-do Jang-Sung dialect
Thunder-Orlando Bloom “you need my father’s blood” from Carribbean, Harry Potter imitation
GO-a fustrated Lee Jung


Plus congratualtions to SNSD’s Yuri!! She got into Joong Ang University!!! Looks like SooRi (Sooyung & Yuri) will be going to school together next year keke

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Only 3 pictures for now. Super Junior & SNSD were announced a couple of months ago to be models for SPAO so looks like we’ll be seeing more pictures! Can’t wait!

Credits: naver blog – hurava + SJblueCN | Reupload by: ★_Excentrique @ SJ-World.net & Soompi

MBLAQ on Taeyeon’s Chin chin radio

Some of my little notes from watching the show:
-The boys looked kinda tired & nervous in the beginning but I think they got more comfortable as the show went on
-Taeyeon giving them gummies was sweet cause they were all eating it later on in the break xD
-SeungHo talked most of the time but I think that was a good thing cause I like him plus he’s cute hehe
-Taeyeon & Mir seemed like they were so comfortable with each other! She kept picking on him during the show Haha
-They sang “Oh Yeah”, “Go Baek” by 4Men, “This Love” by Maroon 5 & “GOOD Luv” live (Thunder’s rap in “This Love” is still awkward for me xD)
-Thunder seemed like he was kinda out of it most of the time. He was probably tired.
-Loved SeungHo, G.O & Joon singing “Go Baek”!! Even though SeungHo & Joon’s voice cracked it was still really good!! Was surprised they could sing such high notes!
-Before the three sang “Go Baek”, Taeyeon made Mir & Thunder clap & cheer along with her haha
-SeungHo on the piano is so charming =)
-SeungHo, Joon & G.O looked so funny reading the script that were written for them when they introduced themselves. (Taeyeon read Mir & Thunder’s scripts.)
-SeungHo looked like he didn’t want to read the rest of his script! and I totally laughed at the part of Kim Shinyoung being his ideal type Rofl
-Their ideal girls:
G.O-UEE of After School
Thunder-Sohee of Wonder Girls
SeungHo-Jiyoon of 4 minute
Joon-Kim Yuna (figure skater)
Wow. UEE? Why G.O, Why!! xD
As for Mir’s answer: (Makes me like this boy even more! Good choice Mir!)

Mir did say who his ideal girl was (or the other members did). It’s Taeyeon. He just didn’t say it directly. When he was asked, the other members said that “She’s right in front of him”.

-Mir is so darn cute when he’s embarasssed Keke
-Before the MBLAQ boys left, they gave Taeyeon FOOD!! Haha isn’t that just sweet?? =)
-There was a little Taeyeon-G.O moment when they shook hands after he left the food for her! Keke
Overall the show was pretty good being that this was MBLAQ’s first long interview radio appearance. I really hope someone would sub this cause it looks funny & interesting!

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Chin chin update!! Taeyeon hugging K.Will is totally cute! If you didn’t know, K.Will was diagnosed with Swine flu and so he couldn’t be at chin chin the past couple of weeks. Well he’s all better now and back at chin chin!! Yay!! And the Halloween headband is just too cute x)


Another thing I thought was totally sweet & cute!!

So K.will and Ilac do a corner w/ Taengoo and as we all know K.will was sick.
So the day that K.will missed due to being sick Taeyeon was feeling sick as well then a few days later K.will was diagnosied with H1N1. After hearing this Ilac panicked and started calling and texting Taeyeon to see if she was alright and he said that “I don’t care about my health, I only care about Taeyeon’s health”

Chin chin UPDATE!
Taken from MBLAQ’s schedule on soompi
10.28 // 8pm: ChinChin on MBC Radio
Looks like MBLAQ will be the guests on the “Who are you?” corner this Wednesday!! Keke I can’t wait to see this! Now we just gotta get BEAST on the show!! hehe x)

Shinee was recently on Star golden bell and here are some cuts with english subs! Rofl Key and the whole nose picking thing!! And Onew really does look like Chicken little with those glasses on! xD
Plus, Onew won!! SM artists are so smart! I know that Sooyoung, Taeyeon & Sunny have won already and Siwon did get a chance to challenge the golden bell once!! =)
Shinee cuts on SGB with english subs


Okay, I just started watching the drama “You’re beautiful” and now I’m addicted! And apparently Geun suk, the male lead has many ties to SNSD!! He was in “Hong Gil Dong” & “Beethoven Virus” which the SNSD girls sang OSTs for plus he’s really close friends with Tiffany & Jessica!! Watch the clip of Geun Suk calling Fany during the BTS of the Genie parody!
Geun suk calling Fany w/english subs


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SS501 Comeback-Only One Day/Love Like This

Haven’t been keeping up with these boys lately. The first performance was pretty good but leader sounded kinda flat when he first sang and towards the end of the first song they looked teary!! especially maknae!! =(
“Love like this” is starting to grow on me but seriously! They need a new dang stylist! I wished instead of the tattooed shirts that they could of just gone without them and showed some skin cause that would of been HOT!!

Shinee-Ring Ding Dong

Can I say that the Music core & these outfits are WAY better then the ones they had last week? So much easier on the eyes! I don’t get why stylists have to make outfits so fancy & weird sometimes -_-
Anyways..I totally died every time Onew smiled! He’s like killing me with his darn cuteness…Taemin too!! Lol The boys performed great as always! The hip dance is so jjang!! and I love it when Key does the butterfly gesture x)

BEAST-Bad Girl

Omg AJ! why so much skin?! not that it’s a bad thing! xD The boys lives are getting better each performance!! They really sounded good! But Yo Seob with a hat again? He looks so much better without anything on top of his head! And I really hope they go on radio shows soon!! Hopefully they’ll go on Chin chin cause I would love to see them interact with Taeyeon keke x)

Bonus: Doon Joon & Yo Seob for the digital chart

Rofl Yo Seob with a BIG PINK BOW!! xD They look so cute!! but Doon Joon looks so tired =/


More skin! xD Lol Is MBLAQ & BEAST having a contest now?? Jk! Still hate the outfits and why are the boy groups these days putting on so much eye liner?? -_- Lol anyways..they did good but Thunder rapping*cringes. Sorry, he’s a cutie & everything but he sounds so weird rapping =/

4 Minute-What a girl want

When I first heard the song it sounded like their other songs just that it’s a bit more girly?! Lol and it kinda looks awkward with them trying to be all cute & girly in the performance. Reminds me of SNSD’s performances where in the BG you see the girls making cute poses & gestures with each other. Only SNSD can do that & not make it look awkward/weird!! But seriously the auto tone crap needs to go! It’s like in every song they’ve performed in. That’s probably why it sounds like all their other songs xD But I gotta say, the girl singing the high notes is REALLY GOOD!!

Taeyang Special stage-Where you at

Some skin from Taeyang too! xD Rofl The choreography was AWESOME! He’s such a great dancer & singer! The stage Inkigayo gave Taeyang looked just like it does in the MV xD Can’t wait til “Wedding Dress” comes out!

And the winner is….

Kim Tae Woo! He’s been winning the awards lately! He totally deserves it! Congrats! and I don’t know why but Onew smiling in the back totally caught my attention! And is it just me or does Taecyeon & Wooyoung have the same hairstyle?? Not digging the new hair -_-

Video credits go to CodeMonmonSeason3

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Okay, I must admit that I don’t know their names yet so I still have to keep looking them up! Lol but I’ll try to learn…hopefully! Anyways they’ve recently been visiting MBC’s Starry night and here’s two recent live performances.

My Dream-I really like this song! It’s very different from their debut song and this really shows the singing abilities of the singers in the groups!!

This Love by Marron 5 Cover-Gotta say, G.O’s voice is amazing! And Seung Ho playing the piano was cute! And I don’t know why but listening to Thunder rap was so awkward for me. Don’t hate me MBLAQ fans xD



Strong Heart episode 3 cuts with subs


Sooyoung’s cut on Strong heart. She barely got to speak & most of the time they just talked about Yoona. I really like Yoona but they should of at least talked to Sooyoung. She’s hilarious when it comes to variety shows but her appearance was so short here. I really hope this doesn’t happen to the other girls when they’re on the show. Plus, Yoona & Tiffany are in the next upcoming episode of the show!


Bracademy Vs. Boomacademy. This clip is freakin hilarious! Jo Kwon & Brian going up against each other! And you gotta love Jo Kwon! His wild dancing and engrish is always entertaining! Then there’s the infamous Boomacademy! Lol they seriously always cracked me up when they were on star king and looks like they brought it over to Strong heart! You gotta watch it cause it’ll make you laugh so hard!!

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