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Yay for the official pictures xD
(I don’t know why but Mir in the hoodie reminds me of Hongki! Keke both are cuties xD)


[091028] Taeyeon’s chin chin cut with subs

Taeyeon talked a little about the Wonder girls! Yay for Wonder Generation!!
And when she talked about how long she can hang on the bar..OMG totally cracked me up! Lol
Plus, The MBLAQ boys teasing Mir about his Ideal girl-Taeyeon. Haha poor Maknae!

MBLAQ selfcam @ PKL Starry night

LOL apparently they were showing off their special talents? xD
The boys are too funny! Especially G.O!!
Joon-teletubbies & oh yeah cheap version
Mir-imitated joon’s “you shouldnt do that” then did the Jeonra-do Jang-Sung dialect
Thunder-Orlando Bloom “you need my father’s blood” from Carribbean, Harry Potter imitation
GO-a fustrated Lee Jung


Plus congratualtions to SNSD’s Yuri!! She got into Joong Ang University!!! Looks like SooRi (Sooyung & Yuri) will be going to school together next year keke


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