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Recent SNSD Rumors/Info

Okay..So I’m really active around Soshified & Soompi and have been reading & hearing about rumors & bits of info of the girl’s upcoming activities and would just like to share them on this post! BUT! Please do know that some of these are RUMORS & nothing is confirmed.

Upcoming Album:

  • There was a rumor a while back about the album having 30 tracks but I don’t really think this could be true because that is A LOT of songs and they will also be repackaging the album like how the first album was. So I don’t really think this one is true.
  • This isn’t a rumor cause it was said by Taeyeon on Chin chin, but that she said they had just done a photoshoot which is possibly for the 2nd album cover and that they are coming back which probably means they’re going to have their comeback VERY soon. Taeyeon also said on chin chin that the songs in the album will have a variety of generes.
  • Also, it was said that the album might come out early-min Nov. but there may be a postponement because of other things.


There’s a rumor saying that SNSD will have a photobook that will cost around 15 bucks. It was said that the girls had already taken the pictures in Japan. (When I heard this, I thought FINALLY! DBSK, SUJU & Shinee has already had their own photobook, so us Sones should get one too Lol but I really hope this is true.)

End of the year concert:

Well this rumor came along saying that SNSD would probably only do a short promotion of their 2nd album and then have a end of the year concert in December. I spazzed out about the concert but this also gave me lots of concerns. I think SNSD should at least promote their 2nd album longer then they did for their 2 mini albums. Also, I’m pretty sure SM will make a repackaged album which will need to be promoted too. Another thing is if they did have this concert in Dec. this is when all the year end award shows are going to be going on and it would be really stressful on the girls with having to do special stages for the shows plus practice for a concert. I know SNSD & Sones really want a concert but I’m pretty sure it can wait til next year when the girls are done with their 2nd album promotions.

Overseas activites:

SM has stated before that the girls will be having overseas activites like probably a fanmeeting or performances. And recently, SNSD just went to Vietnam to perform in the Veitnam-Korea friendship festival. Now there was a rumor that SNSD may be going to promote in Japan after their Korean acitivites. Some things that support this is that recently some of the girls have been studying Japanese. It was also rumored that Avex, the Japanese company that is partnered with SM had been testing out some of SNSD’s songs in Japan. Now, I’m not very sure how they would have SNSD promote in Japan b/c if you look at Super Junior & Shinee’s activites in Japan, they’ve only done fanmeetings, nothing big like what DBSK has done. But anyways this is still just a rumor but it wouldn’t be surprising if they did go do activites in Japan or China in the near future.

Okay..that’s most of what I’ve heard & read about SNSD’s future activites. Please do know that most of these are RUMORS and are not confirmed.


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