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Okay I’m loving the SMent youtube account cause they’re actually uploading videos on it now!
They recently posted up a video of SM artists celebrating SJM Henry’s birthday! Apparently this was uploaded on the 15th of October but seems like everybody is only seeing it today including me! Lol
-You can clearly spot Leeteuk, Jonghyun(standing beside Teuk), Henry, Siwon & Donghae in the clip.
-I think the two standing in the back are Zhoumi & Minho?!
-Of course, they sang “Tell me your wish” instead of “Happy Birthday” or else it would’ve been BORING!
-You can totally hear Eunhyuk’s “Genie for your wish” in the BG haha
-You can see Siwon taking a piece of chocolate off the cake & eating it! Rofl Cutie!
-I’m sure you can hear Hyoyeon’s voice counting before they smashed the cake in Henry’s face xD
-Poor Henry! Now he knows how Yunho felt at the Sm town concert in Bangkok Lol
-You can hear girls laughing in the BG. I think that’s the SNSD girls cause I know I heard Sica’s high pitch screech somewhere towards the end of the clip! xD


Plus, this video was a while ago but I never posted it so might as well do it now! keke It was a clip of some of the SM artists backstage at the dream concert.
-Jung sisters in the beginning of the clip!
-Jonghyun on the Hello Kitty laptop Rofl
-You can see Kara’s Gyrui & f(x)’s Luna in the back talking =)
-Key & Amber get into a very entertaining english conversation
-Taemin laughed when Amber said that Key looked like a mouse xD



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