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I have been somewhat keeping my eye on the whole lawsuit & with the recent news I just wanted to post about it. Here are some articles with more info on the current situation.


This article states that Yuhno & Changmin are siding with SM.
Note: These were written statements with their signatures on them.


This article is Yuhno & Changmin’s fathers statement which was released on the same day as Yuhno & Changmin’s statements.


This article is about what SME said at their press conference.


JaeChunSu’s statement to SME’s press conference.
I just want to say that all this new information is very confusing. Being a fan of DBSK, it’s so unreal that Yuhno or Changmin would say those things about JaeChunSu. Some fans are even speculating that the signatures on the statement aren’t real. And about their father’s statements, it makes me believe that the cosmetics company was a reason why this is happening. With all these statements & claims made by both sides, it’s really hard to believe what is really the real reason as to why this lawsuit is taking place. Also, looks like SM & Yuhno/Changmin will be waiting for a statement by JaeChunSu on the 12th because stated in the article, SM is planning for DBSK’s comeback in the spring & they want a 6 month preparation time. All I can say is, no matter what happens, if they stay together or break up, nothing’s going to be the same again.
Edit: If you are a rational fan then you wouldn’t put all the blame on SM. Both parties are at fault. This all started because of miscommunications & misunderstandings between both parties. So please no bashing on either parties here.


Shinee’s recent interview about SME.
Apparently, international fans can be worse then Korean fans! How shocking! Lots of people are making a big fuss about this recent interview that Shinee had when they were asked about SM & I gotta say, all the people saying that Shinee is taking SM’s side when it comes to the DBSK/SM situation should read the article again. It never said anything about DBSK. The reporter asked the boys about SM & they answered truthfully from their experience with the company. I know lots of DBSK fans are shocked by the recent news/statements but there’s no reason for them to take it out on Shinee. Fans need to get a grip & stop being so ignorant.


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