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Good news guys – SNSD will be putting on their first ever solo concert!

They will begin their Asia tour on December 19th and 20th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium and will make fanboys go wild, guaranteed.

Obviously they will put on their already well known performances of their hit songs, but they will also show sides of them that were never before seen.

The Asia tour begins in Seoul, but the girls will also hit up Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

With the announcement of their very first Asia tour solo concert, SNSD stated:

“We are so happy and excited to perform for our fans through our very first solo concert. We will practice hard and try our very best to put on a memorable and charismatic performance.”

FINALLY!! Our girls are going to get their own concert!! There were little hints & rumors about the concert but now it has been confirmed! I’m so excited even though I won’t be anywhere near where they’re going to perform! I know a lot of fans are hoping for a DVD & I’m one of them too keke
Anyways, would just like to say that these 9 hard working girls deserve it & I know that their concert will be HUGE!! Congrats girls! I’m so proud to be a Sone right now! =)


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