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Only 3 pictures for now. Super Junior & SNSD were announced a couple of months ago to be models for SPAO so looks like we’ll be seeing more pictures! Can’t wait!

Credits: naver blog – hurava + SJblueCN | Reupload by: ★_Excentrique @ SJ-World.net & Soompi

MBLAQ on Taeyeon’s Chin chin radio

Some of my little notes from watching the show:
-The boys looked kinda tired & nervous in the beginning but I think they got more comfortable as the show went on
-Taeyeon giving them gummies was sweet cause they were all eating it later on in the break xD
-SeungHo talked most of the time but I think that was a good thing cause I like him plus he’s cute hehe
-Taeyeon & Mir seemed like they were so comfortable with each other! She kept picking on him during the show Haha
-They sang “Oh Yeah”, “Go Baek” by 4Men, “This Love” by Maroon 5 & “GOOD Luv” live (Thunder’s rap in “This Love” is still awkward for me xD)
-Thunder seemed like he was kinda out of it most of the time. He was probably tired.
-Loved SeungHo, G.O & Joon singing “Go Baek”!! Even though SeungHo & Joon’s voice cracked it was still really good!! Was surprised they could sing such high notes!
-Before the three sang “Go Baek”, Taeyeon made Mir & Thunder clap & cheer along with her haha
-SeungHo on the piano is so charming =)
-SeungHo, Joon & G.O looked so funny reading the script that were written for them when they introduced themselves. (Taeyeon read Mir & Thunder’s scripts.)
-SeungHo looked like he didn’t want to read the rest of his script! and I totally laughed at the part of Kim Shinyoung being his ideal type Rofl
-Their ideal girls:
G.O-UEE of After School
Thunder-Sohee of Wonder Girls
SeungHo-Jiyoon of 4 minute
Joon-Kim Yuna (figure skater)
Wow. UEE? Why G.O, Why!! xD
As for Mir’s answer: (Makes me like this boy even more! Good choice Mir!)

Mir did say who his ideal girl was (or the other members did). It’s Taeyeon. He just didn’t say it directly. When he was asked, the other members said that “She’s right in front of him”.

-Mir is so darn cute when he’s embarasssed Keke
-Before the MBLAQ boys left, they gave Taeyeon FOOD!! Haha isn’t that just sweet?? =)
-There was a little Taeyeon-G.O moment when they shook hands after he left the food for her! Keke
Overall the show was pretty good being that this was MBLAQ’s first long interview radio appearance. I really hope someone would sub this cause it looks funny & interesting!


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