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For those people who said that Tiffany was crying because she got teased by her members, watch this video & you’ll REALLY know why she cried. When the article about Fany talking about the girls teasing her, people assumed that that was the reason why she cried. But if you watch this video you will know that she cried because it was hard when she was trying to learn the Korean language. She even said that she cried also because she was thankful to her members who were always there for her. This is why I love the SNSD girls. They are always caring & loving towards each other even if they like to joke around once in a while. Hopefully this will make those haters who made mindless comments on the article shut up! Soshi bond FTW!!


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Yoona Instyle magazine scans

Yoona looks gorgeous in these pictures!
Cuts from “Strong heart”
Tiffany’s cut

So short! but I think this episode will be continued onto next week apparently.
FTTS-Missing you singing cut

Brian & Hwanhee didn’t want to be a part of Sm town??

I’ve always loved Sm town because it gives off that family & fun feel. So I find it funny that Hwanhee hated it because it was too cutesy!! And I LOVED Yoona’s face when Hwanhee said he hated being a part of Sm town xD
Here’s a quick summary of the clip by creature2bubble@youtube =)

lol he’s complaining everything that sooman (sm company) made ftts do under that company. He didn’t like the hairstyles that sooman made them do. He said it looked like “exploding ramen noodle” then he said that brian had it worse since he’s hair looked like bride’s hair for wedding. But the thing he hated most was doing SM TOWN for´╗┐ summer and winter thing because he didni’t want that “cute” image. He wanted a charismatic image. lol and in the background, the sm stars (eeteuk, yoona, tiffany) are like gasping and stuff. Then Yoona said being in SMTOWN winter and summer album was her dream when she was debuting. Then the MC asked if eetuek or any super junior member have problems with sm company, and eeteuk like “i love you boss”

Yoona & the triangle/rectangle affair?

Rofl Yoona-Seunggi-Leeteuk-Brian love affair!! Didn’t understand what they were saying but the clip was still hilarious! Teukie was so darn cute & funny! I wished he would cover my ears!! xD
Saved the best for last!!

This time it’s SNSD’s Tell me your wish!! Rofl so funny! I love Yoona & Fany’s reactions in the background!
I’m really going to miss Boom on variety shows!!

All video credits go to CodeMonmonSeason4

Bonus: Yoona’s reactions xD


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Okay, I must admit that I don’t know their names yet so I still have to keep looking them up! Lol but I’ll try to learn…hopefully! Anyways they’ve recently been visiting MBC’s Starry night and here’s two recent live performances.

My Dream-I really like this song! It’s very different from their debut song and this really shows the singing abilities of the singers in the groups!!

This Love by Marron 5 Cover-Gotta say, G.O’s voice is amazing! And Seung Ho playing the piano was cute! And I don’t know why but listening to Thunder rap was so awkward for me. Don’t hate me MBLAQ fans xD



Strong Heart episode 3 cuts with subs


Sooyoung’s cut on Strong heart. She barely got to speak & most of the time they just talked about Yoona. I really like Yoona but they should of at least talked to Sooyoung. She’s hilarious when it comes to variety shows but her appearance was so short here. I really hope this doesn’t happen to the other girls when they’re on the show. Plus, Yoona & Tiffany are in the next upcoming episode of the show!


Bracademy Vs. Boomacademy. This clip is freakin hilarious! Jo Kwon & Brian going up against each other! And you gotta love Jo Kwon! His wild dancing and engrish is always entertaining! Then there’s the infamous Boomacademy! Lol they seriously always cracked me up when they were on star king and looks like they brought it over to Strong heart! You gotta watch it cause it’ll make you laugh so hard!!

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