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BEAST @ Super Junior Kiss the Radio
BEAST-Bad Girl Live
No Ki Kwang. He was probably shooting High Kick. LOL @ Hyun Seung’s dance break xD

GaYoon & Jun Hyung-Heart Damage
Loved the song when Jay rapped for Navi. A really good cover. Jun Hyung has such a nice voice when he raps/sings x)

Yoseob fancam @ KTR
Lol Idk why is hair looks like that but he’s always cute as usual!

Cute Yoseob with Dog
Haha cutest thing ever!!

BEAST is the B2ST Behind the Scenes
Loved the beginning with them practicing “Good man”. Their voices are so awesome! And OMG I totally laughed out loud when Hyun Seung hit Jun Hyung during their rehearsal! It looked like it hurt! the boys are cute & funny as usual!


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