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BEAST/B2ST-Again & Again by 2PM
-The suits don’t match the performance even though those outfits are WAY better then their “Bad Girl” outfits.
-I liked Doo Joon in this performance! He rapped rather then just singing the chorus! Plus his hair was looks better x)
-Yo Seob’s hair xD
-I think they lipsynched but the performance was still really good even though it’ll never beat the original version. Makes me miss 2PM!
MBLAQ-Bad Guy by Rain(Bi)
-Poor Mir didn’t even get a solo shot! And his mic sucked! Couldn’t even hear the damn boy sing! =(
-Was so weird to hear thunder sing 0_0
-OMG Seung Ho dancing was freakin HOT! My eyes kept drawing back to him xD
-Mnet always has such crappy mics & sound system -_- Other then that the performance was pretty good!

Doo Joon! They didn’t even film him when he was singing his part! But he has such a nice voice! Overall the song was pretty good even with the engrish. I loved how the MBLAQ boys were sitting there & watching them sing Keke

BEAST/B2ST(Yo Seob)-Baby Baby
He has such a GOOD voice!! Loving this boy x)

MBLAQ(Joon, G.O & Seung Ho)-Proposal @ Super Junior’s KTR
I really like this song! They did a really great cover of it! Seung Ho ❤

MBLAQ-Teletubbies cut
LMAO OMG xD *dies


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