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The first half of the year was dominated by girl groups..newly debuted ones to girl groups making a comeback. Well now 2 new boy bands are debuting this weekend plus Shinee, SS501 & Taeyang will be making their comeback soon. Thank goodness for this cause the girl group craze was getting a little annoying. B2ST will be making their debut on Music Bank this friday while MBLAQ will be making their debut on M Countdown on Thursday. I’m really liking MBLAQ’s debut song while I’m enjoying B2ST’s mini album. So I guess I kinda like both. Just that MBLAQ’s photos aren’t that appealing to me xD Looks like a lot of new songs to add to my music player! =)

B2ST mini album-2 songs I really like (Oasis & Yet)

MBLAQ’s debut song “Oh Yeah”

Plus, can’t forget about Shinee! They’ll be making their comeback this friday on Music Bank. I’m digging their new song. At first the title kinda bothered me, but the song is pretty catchy!! And I’m really excited for the releases of the rest of the songs off the album..from the teasers..the songs sound good!!

Shinee-Ring Ding Dong


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